At St. Louis Custom Cabinets we know that you want the best cabinet refacing services for your money, that’s why we guarantee the highest quality product. ” Dave Portell (Owner)

St Louis Cabinet Refacing Company

Does your kitchen need a facelift? Tired of your old cabinets? Is that finish dated and wearing off in spots? If you like the way your kitchen is set up but want a beautiful new look, you don’t have to tear out your whole kitchen and replace it with new cabinets.  Cabinet refacing may be the solutions for you.  It’s a less expensive option that still offers the same result: a new kitchen. Most refacing jobs take only 2 to 4 days, so disruption is minimal and you can still use your kitchen even while we are doing the work!

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What is refacing?

Your doors and drawer fronts are removed and hauled away. The exterior of your existing cabinet box is “covered” or refaced with a wood veneer to match the all new doors and new drawer fronts. In addition new hinges and handles are installed. St. Louis Custom Cabinets provides a “makeover” to create your dream kitchen at a surprisingly low cost.

Does refacing look as good as new?

Good as new. Frankly, better than new! Have you noticed that the sides of your cabinets are NOT wood and don’t match the doors?
When refacing we cover the complete exterior with REAL WOOD up to ¼” thick. All exterior woods are finished with the same superior finishes and wood as the door. The doors are solid wood with lasting beauty and durability.

What covers the cabinet box?

St. Louis Custom Cabinets Refacers uses only genuine Oak, Birch, Cherry and other fine hardwoods for timeless good looks and lasting quality. Today’s new finishes also provide the durability and washability owners demand.

How is it applied?

St. Louis Custom Cabinets Refacers, permanently secures pre-finished hardwoods with hidden nails for problem-free and long lasting beauty. Sadly, most companies simply “glue” a plastic laminate material to the old surfaces. The glues today, due to Ozone and health dangers, are water soluble.

What are doors made of?

Solid, genuine hardwood. OAK, CHERRY and BIRCH and many other hard woods. NOT furniture core, particleboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard), industrial grade wood, or Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF). RTF doors are no more than a heat shrink vinyl over particle board. Thousands of families have learned too late that the RTF doors can change color and curl up from heat and moisture.

Can changes be made to my kitchen design?

St. Louis Custom Cabinets Refacers can add cabinets, relocate cabinets, add roll out shelves, replace drawers, or move walls. In addition, we can extend cabinets to ceiling, install recessed lights, and install dishwashers. Our Designers and Craftsman can give you the kitchen you have always wanted, inexpensively! REFACING SAVES $1000’S OVER REPLACING!

What are the pros and cons of refinishing or painting?

Refinishing and painting are cosmetic approaches and do not provide durability and value, but both can cost just as much as refacing. The biggest variables are preparation and suitability to the process. Anybody can brush or spray paint on a cabinet or door. The likelihood that paint will chip and peel off is very high. Proper preparation costs exceed the cost to reface.

The same applies to refinishing. An additional disadvantage of refinishing is that most doors have thin wood veneers and imitation wood sides. The years of dirt, stains, and water damage will show through new stain – especially, with a lighter finish.

If your cabinets are suitable to either process, the only way the cost is less is if the preparations are shortchanged. The labor cost is too high and the results are poor and temporary.

Is there a design or estimate fee?

No. St. Louis Custom Cabinets designers invest their time and skills to help you meet your own kitchen needs at no charge. We listen to owners to understand each person’s needs and wants (amazingly, even disinterested spouses offer excellent input.) Our designers then measure, present samples, and provide a no-obligation estimate. We do require that spouses and all owners attend.
It’s easy, informative, and accurate. Plus we show-up on time, install on time, and guarantee your satisfaction!

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